Unusual CMD SCSI thing... Anyone know what this is?

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 26 14:04:54 CDT 2011

So, in a recent pile-o-stuff, I acquired this SCSI box. The box itself is a generic two bay SCSI enclosure, but inside is mounted some kind of bus interface devices. It's a single circuit board, on a frame that mounts in a half height 5 1/4" bay. The face has a little two line LCD, and some buttons and lights. The board itself is made by CMD. Seems to be model CSB-2200/SDS.

The board has what appears to be a SCSI input, and two SCSI outputs. The board contains three NCR 53C90B SCSI chips. Powering the device up, it announces itself as SCEA/S on the LCD.

Now, from fiddling with the thing, and looking at what it contains, it *appears* to be some sort of SCSI-SCSI bridge, communicating with two separate busses, and allowing one external bus to use them. But I don't know. Searching on the model number have failed to turn up a manual. Searches for SCEA/S invariably turns up articles about various lawsuits that Sony Computer Entertainment of America have filed against their customers for using devices they purchased in ways that Sony doesn't like.

So. Any ideas? I took some pictures:



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