Unusual CMD SCSI thing... Anyone know what this is?

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Sun Mar 27 11:21:29 CDT 2011

On 3/26/11 3:04 PM, Mr Ian Primus wrote:
> So, in a recent pile-o-stuff, I acquired this SCSI box. The box
> itself is a generic two bay SCSI enclosure, but inside is mounted
> some kind of bus interface devices. It's a single circuit board, on a
> frame that mounts in a half height 5 1/4" bay. The face has a little
> two line LCD, and some buttons and lights. The board itself is made
> by CMD. Seems to be model CSB-2200/SDS.
> The board has what appears to be a SCSI input, and two SCSI outputs.
> The board contains three NCR 53C90B SCSI chips. Powering the device
> up, it announces itself as SCEA/S on the LCD.
> Now, from fiddling with the thing, and looking at what it contains,
> it *appears* to be some sort of SCSI-SCSI bridge, communicating with
> two separate busses, and allowing one external bus to use them. But I
> don't know. Searching on the model number have failed to turn up a
> manual. Searches for SCEA/S invariably turns up articles about
> various lawsuits that Sony Computer Entertainment of America have
> filed against their customers for using devices they purchased in
> ways that Sony doesn't like.
> So. Any ideas? I took some pictures:
> http://i.imgur.com/o9X6s.jpg
 > http://i.imgur.com/TzV67.jpg
> http://i.imgur.com/SQN0b.jpg

   I concur with the other folks who suggested that this may be a 
SCSI<->SCSI RAID controller.  The eight LEDs on the front panel that 
look like activity indicators, the "FAULT" LED, the presence of an NVRAM 
chip (for configuration storage), and a user interface, all support this 
conclusion.  And being SCSI<->SCSI, there's really not much else it 
could be.


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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