Data Recovery from DEC RL02

Robin England robin at
Mon Mar 28 06:33:48 CDT 2011

Hello all,

I know someone who wants to recover data from one of these 10MB disk packs. They have no drive, no RLV12 controller and (unsurprisingly) no PDP-11.

I haven’t seen the disk pack in question so I have absolutely no idea of the condition although I am led to believe it has been looked after, stored properly and doesn’t have a crash...! Of course the pack owner has no idea of the data they’re after (whether it be ASCII, EBCDIC, binary etc..) so that’s another unknown quantity!

Is there anyone here who is able to assist with this? Maybe initially to produce a binary image of the disk for further exploration? If yes, (how much) would you charge for this service? 

Many thanks

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