DecWriter / LA30P with unibus

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Sun Nov 2 14:12:29 CST 2014

For quite some time I have been pursuing an effort to repair a PDP-11/04
system and make it running under CAPS-11. I have had it successfully boot
from the TU60 tape drive. The plan is now to attach a contemporary console
terminal to it. I happen to have a LA30P which looks suitable and would
make it a nice looking system.

I have documented the effort here:

The LA30 is now working fine but the problem is that I don't have the M7910
or M791 card that make up the LC11 Unibus option as this terminal was once
upon a time connected to a PDP-8/E instead.

Is there anyone that have a M7910 or M791 card who wants to sell or trade
it for something?

During the restoration process of the LA30 I found that it is using quite
uncommon paper. I needs 9-7/8 inch (250 mm)  wide paper. Is there a source
for this kind of paper somewhere else than in the USA?

If there is no M791 or M7910 available I have to either make my own M791 or
make a serial / parallel converter to go into the LA30P (I guess that no
one has the M7389 and M7731 boards that make it a LA30S, or?).

When looking for more information on the LC11, there were limited amount
available on the net. I did find the LC11 Decwriter System Manuel (pages
4-2 and 4-3 was missing which is quite annoying) but not the LC11 Decwriter
System Engineering Drawings. Anyone knows an online source for that one?


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