list back up

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Nov 2 19:17:57 CST 2014

On 11/02/2014 02:39 PM, Jay West wrote:
> The classiccmp server and it's backups were on a temporary san that hit a
> bug and rebooted itself. Needless to say, dropping iscsi to a hypervisor is
> not a good thing. The classiccmp vm thus rebooted itself, ran fsck, and (as
> best as I can tell) the only thing corrupted was the cctalk and cctech
> config.pck files (which contain the list settings and membership). The only
> backup had the same corruption on it, because it ran the backup before I
> noticed the problem. Anyways.

Anyways, nothing!  Thanks much for the hard work.  I can't imagine that 
it was easy.


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