Osborne Vixen - Zenith 7" display t-shooting issues

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Mon Nov 3 23:25:01 CST 2014

On 11/03/2014 07:38 PM, drlegendre . wrote:

> Data sheet for the 121-1070 / NTE 379 calls out a beta of 8-10 min. and
> 30-40 max. So that leads me to believe that the original 1070 HOT may, in
> fact, be OK - and the issue is to be found elsewhere in the circuit. It's
> not a for-sure, as the part might be misbehaving under actual circuit
> conditions - but at least I have some confidence that we know what it's
> supposed to be. Thank you..

No problem--and you didn't even have to argue with Angus to find out. :)

If you'd like, I can scan the schematic and parts list, if it would be 


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