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Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Nov 5 15:53:20 CST 2014

> Go on, try to unsubscribe from cctech.  I did, and it told me I wasn't
> subscribed, before pelting me with yet more unwanted cctech traffic.
> I have a certain sympathy for the situation because I have also provided pro
> bono services which have sometimes failed catastrophically and left me under
> siege from users, but I can't pretend that my patience isn't starting to wear a
> tad thin.

For the next three weeks, let's assume that ALL such problems are being
worked on.
NO gripes are appropriate until there has been a large amount of time to
work on them.  Although, itemization of things that are noticed might even

My patience is waxing thicker.  I think that there is a herculean effort
afoot to rebuild the system.  Augean stable solutions won't cut it.

A few specific observations:
1) if you get a bounce or hold message from cctech, inspite of not being
subscribed to that list, . . .
AIUI, all messages to cctalk are automagically, in addition to posting,
handed off to cctech for moderation, to be sent there.  (and all
cctech messages are automagically mirrored on cctalk)  Therefore, even if
you are not subscribed to cctech, your messages to cctalk might result in
a bounce/hold message from cctech.  Eventually, that may get restored to
full transparency.

2)  Duplicate messages, . . .
any messages to one list that then get added to the traffic of the other
list might result in duplicate copies arriving.  I have no idea how they
managed in the past to keep that from happening.

3) list management command processing, . . .
there is probably still a lot to do to finish repairing that.

4) unsubscribe requests, . . .
It might be necessary temproarily to make unsubscription requests to BOTH
lists, since the conjoined nature has been disrupted a bit.

Therefore, can we all just put up with some truly trivial glitches, and
trust that things will eventually be brought back to the exceptionally
smooth operations of the past?
Every day, I have to wade through massive amounts of spam that gets right
past the "filters" of my ISP, my prcomail, etc.  (Since I also have
business dealings with strangers and public, a "whitelist" solution is too
stupid to consider).  Once I delete a hundred spams, having to delete a
small handful of duplictae posts hardly seems reasonable to be irritated
about, particularly since in the past, it was handled so exceptionally
well, and presumably will be again.

So, I have no gripes AT ALL until after there has plenty of time to deal
with the more urgent and higher priority issues of rebuilding the system.

Grumpy Ol' Fred     		cisin at

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