HP9810A alive again!

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 6 16:15:43 CST 2014

> It was working quite alright in the beginning (just after I put it into hot
> water which made it shrink a bit) but now the belt ( o-ring ) just slips
> more and more.

It's claimed that boiling the old belt in a kettle of water will help. It will make your tea/coffee
taste odd for many days....

More seriously, I had this problem in my 9820 (same reader) and didn't have a belt to hand. As  a
temporary kludge, I put the belt on with a twist in it (figure-of-8 shape and swapped over the motor leads at the
tagstrip (note, you must keep the diode on that tagstrip connected the same way round to the wires from the
PCB edge connector -- swap over the red and white wires going to the motor only). It worked, but of course
there was more wear where the belt rubbed over itserlf.

So I replaced it. The O-ring is not hard to get...


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