Netronics Phoneme generator info

tony duell ard at
Fri Nov 7 23:42:49 CST 2014

> What are the main ICs on the board (basically anything other than TTL, 4000
> series CMOS or common op-amps)?
> The CPU is an RCA 1802, there's a CDP1852 which is a parallel I/O port IC,
> RAM is a pair of 2114's, and a 24-pin IC which has a sticker on top saying
> (unhelpfully) "IC-584" (but I expect it's ROM).
> Finally we have a 22 pin IC labeled "SC-01-A" - Google tells me that's the
> actual  speech synthesizer IC. The remaining ICs on the board are all
> simple logic (74xx etc.)

The SC01 is a well-known Votrax speech synthesiser IC. I am sure you can 
find a data sheet somewhere (I have it, I think, but my stuff is still packed after
the move!). 

A 24 pin ROM is not going to be more than 8K (It would be useful to know how big 
it is). You _might_ get text-to-speech in that.

With no UART, I guess it bit-bangs the serial protocol (I am surprised there's no 
CDP1854 on the board). Pity. If there was a UART you could stick a 'scope on the 
baud clock input and find out what bit rate to use.


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