Osborne Vixen - Zenith 7" display t-shooting issues

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Nov 7 23:55:30 CST 2014

From: "Chuck Guzis" <cclist at sydex.com>

> P.S.  I have a terrible, but relevant confession--I don't like to throw
> things out as long as they contain useful parts.  For example, I
> accumulate bad CFLs then remove the lamp, extricate the electronics PCB,
> line them up out of doors over a metal pail and apply a heat gun to the
> trace side of the little pcb until the solder softens....

I thought I was the only person to do things like that. Yes, I strip old CFLs for
parts... In my younger days I used to take the top off every dead 9V battery I 
was throwing out, it made connector to fit on a similar battery in a project
I was making. 

Oh well...


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