VAX 11/730 Documentation

shadoooo shadoooo at
Sun Nov 9 18:04:48 CST 2014


 > I haven't booted my machine up yet, because it hasn't been able to 
read any of its console tapes.

I have too a lot of tapes, complete and uncomplete sets of software 
installation tapes,
plus two/three console versions and some with unknown content.
The problem is, many of them suffer from sticky rubber on tape (if you 
try to move the rubber leader,
it will create blank spots on tape, removing the magnetic oxide substrate).
Other have a broken band. I read somewhere around, it is possible to 
detach the rubber band using hot air,
and replace it with some sort of PVC strings. I would need a lot of time 
to try something... but the bigger problem is not this...
I don't have a TU58 to be used on the desk to try to read the tapes, and 
even better to assemblòe a new firmware allowing to format
blank tapes.
I'm trying to buy some piece of hardware since a lot of time... no luck 
so far.

If anybody has a TU58, or parts, please let me know.


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