R: Recovery CDs for Thinkpad 2647-44U (T-20)?

Mazzini Alessandro mazzinia at tin.it
Sun Nov 9 17:43:25 CST 2014

Try asking on


Surely someone will be able to help or to suggest if the drivers of another
model from that time are compatible.

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Oggetto: Recovery CDs for Thinkpad 2647-44U (T-20)?

Anyone have one of these sets (2 or 4 CDs) for the old IBM Thinkpad? I have
a nice old timer here that I want to use for some older applications
(ancient EPROM programmer) and this would work nicely if I could find the

At the moment I can only find invalid torrents or what certainly looks like
malware 'drivers' to download.

IBM off-loaded everything to Lenovo and there is nothing on their site that
I could find for these legacy machines. Archive.org has the support site
archived, but not the download files...



Seems a shame to recycle a perfectly good computer just because one can't
get it running on all cylinders!


John :-#)#

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