ADDS 4000/260 keyboard connector

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Tue Nov 11 08:31:29 CST 2014

Longest of long shots, but does anyone happen to know the keyboard 
connector pinout on an ADDS 4000/260 terminal?

I have such a terminal here, and it has a 6-pin RJxx-type socket, but the 
keyboard which came with it would appear to be for something else, and has 
a 4-pin RJxx plug (I'm not sure of the actual RJ designations, but they're 
physically different, albeit close - the keyboard one fits in the 
terminal's 6-way socket, but is too loose to make contact on its 4 pins)

However, the manual for the terminal mentions supporting a PC keyboard, so 
it's possible that a standard PS/2 keyboard with the PS/2 connector lopped 
off and replaced with a suitable RJxx connector would work - i.e. the 
clocking method and scancodes are identical - if I knew the pinout (it's 
also possible that the same is true of the keyboard that came with it - the 
physical layout's identical to a PC, but with the addition of a 'select' key)



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