Kearney & Trecker Core memory, may be PDP8

jwsmobile jws at
Tue Nov 11 19:33:49 CST 2014

I can't tell for sure, but this auction may be for  PDP8 core board.


board is 6 across in size.

 From what I could find out K&T used PDP8 for NC controlled machines at 
some time.

There is also this sort of board.  The silkscreen shows a Microprocessor 
section outlined with a 40 pin ceramic gold chip.

I am going to query the vendor to get a picture where you can read what 
is on the can, or get the text on the can.  Maybe the thing is a Harris 
part, don't know.

Since the listing is for Giddings and Lewis, which is either a 
subsidiary or competitor of K&T it may be another completely different 
system.  It looks like K&T, G&L and Cincinnati Millacron had a number of 
legal runnins as there were several lawsuits in the google hits when 
looking these boards up.

CM used an OEM Microdata 1600, and later 3 generations of their own 1600 
derived designs before moving on to other newer microprocessor scale 
parts.  The CM 800, and 900 and one later are all 1600s, or near 
relatives os such.  The 900 uses 8K, 16K microdata manufactured core 
boards, and also the Ampex / CDC 32k core board.  I buy all those that 
show up cheap on the usual auction site.

Here is the processor board:



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