Kearney & Trecker Core memory, may be PDP8

sandy hamlet steemer at
Tue Nov 11 20:40:50 CST 2014


The microprocessor board looks like it came out of a Gemini D17 CNC
controller, circa mid 80's.
That was their own design electronics

If I remember correctly, the company was Cross-Trecker and then Kearny
& Trecker and then ultimately bought out by Giddings and Lewis.
G&L was running both the K&T electronics and their own 8000B control
concurrently on different products and finally switched over to Fanuc
I believe that the K&T product line was ultimately discontinued.
G&L subsequently acquired FADAL machine tools, and ultimately closed
out that operation.
I also believe that G&L is now part of the MAG group, would have to
look that up to verify.
The first card with"flip chip" marked on it looks like a PDP8 or
possibly a PDP 11 card used in a Sundstrand control through the '70 to
early 80's.
It's been 30+ years since I worked on those antiques, brings back a
lot of memories.
The boards may very well be spares that were surplused out recently by
the company that I worked for since they (the company) closed several
facilities and were located within a mile or two where the boards are


On 11/11/14, jwsmobile <jws at> wrote:
> I can't tell for sure, but this auction may be for  PDP8 core board.
> board is 6 across in size.
>  From what I could find out K&T used PDP8 for NC controlled machines at
> some time.
> There is also this sort of board.  The silkscreen shows a Microprocessor
> section outlined with a 40 pin ceramic gold chip.
> I am going to query the vendor to get a picture where you can read what
> is on the can, or get the text on the can.  Maybe the thing is a Harris
> part, don't know.
> Since the listing is for Giddings and Lewis, which is either a
> subsidiary or competitor of K&T it may be another completely different
> system.  It looks like K&T, G&L and Cincinnati Millacron had a number of
> legal runnins as there were several lawsuits in the google hits when
> looking these boards up.
> CM used an OEM Microdata 1600, and later 3 generations of their own 1600
> derived designs before moving on to other newer microprocessor scale
> parts.  The CM 800, and 900 and one later are all 1600s, or near
> relatives os such.  The 900 uses 8K, 16K microdata manufactured core
> boards, and also the Ampex / CDC 32k core board.  I buy all those that
> show up cheap on the usual auction site.
> Here is the processor board:
> Jim

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