Kearney & Trecker Core memory, may be PDP8

E. Groenenberg quapla at
Wed Nov 12 00:30:17 CST 2014

Actually, this particular board (item #181565552717) is from DEC and
it looks very similar (lettering etc) to the G652/H222 combo card
I still have. My set came from a PDP-11 I believe it was from an 11/34.


> On 2014-11-12 04:00, Jon Elson wrote:
>> On 11/11/2014 07:33 PM, jwsmobile wrote:
>>> I can't tell for sure, but this auction may be for  PDP8 core board.
>> Boy, that SURE looks like PDP-11 memory, not PDP-8.
>> The cast metal stiffener I think came in at least very late in the game
>> for the PDP-8.  PDP-8s usually had the colored plastic pull handles.
> The fact that the board have four edge connectors and not six totally
> excludes PDP-11. As for hex size with metal handles, that was used on
> the 8/A. (Which indeed is late in the PDP-8 game, but then again, it
> wasn't until the 8/A that you saw hex boards either, so if this would be
> for a PDP-8, it would have to be an 8/A, since no other model fits the
> hex boards.)
> But this is not 8/A core memory either, since those actually have all
> six connectors on the board, even if only a few signals were used on
> connector 5, and no signals were used on 6.
> But since this isn't even DEC stuff, it could still possibly have been
> something for a PDP-8. PDP-11 is still out of the question because of
> the four connectors.
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