XT keyboards (and missing decal)

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Nov 15 13:49:37 CST 2014

> I've got a 5160 here with the XT keyboard - however it's got the 64/256K
> motherboard fitted (with the "early" Jan '86 EPROMs), and Wikipedia seems
> to claim that by the time the 64/256K boards came out the machines were
> shipped with 102-key keyboards (the XT flavor of the Model M, I assume).
> Anyone know if that's true, and so my system should technically have a
> "full size" keyboard, or was there a crossover period where systems with
> the newer boards shipped with the 83-key XT keyboards?

I thought the 64K-256K board was the older XT one, the later version being 256-640K 
(it's the same board with the '158 mux chip added and a link soldered in, just like the 
well-known upgrade).

Anyway, all the XT's I've seen had the 64K-256K board and the 83 key keyboard (or is it
84 key over here, the smaller one, anyway). And they just say 'personal computer' on the 


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