pdp11/93 DB9 rs232 pinout

Johnny Billquist bqt at update.uu.se
Sat Nov 15 16:25:56 CST 2014

On 2014-11-15 13:49, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>      > From: Johnny Billquist
>      >> (.. the page in the 11/94 User Guide .. pg. 1-4 - is missing from
>      >> all the online copies of that manual which I checked.)
>      >> ...
>      >> the pinout on the board is given in the KDJ11-E User's Guide
>      >> (EK-KDJ1E-UG-001, available online)
>      > PDP-11/9x manuals are not scarce at all. Where do you people search???
>      > 11/93:
>      > http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/pdf/dec/pdp11/1193/EK-KDJ1E-UG-001_KDJ11-E_CPU_Module_Users_Guide_Jan91.pdf
>      > 11/94:
>      > http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/pdf/dec/pdp11/1194/EK-PDP94-MG-001_Sep90.pdf
> If you actually read my message (the one you included in your reply), you
> will see that I referenced _both_ of those (the 94 'MG' document is fully
> titled the 'System User and Maintainence Guide' - I shorted that mouthful to
> make it less work to type), and indicated they were available online.

My mistake. I was conflating different things, and being too quick.
The comments about 11/9x manuals being scarce on the internet is what my 
main point was. Both the manuals I referred to are available, and makes 
I think that shows that documentation is not so scarce.

> And the '93' manual you list is not for the 93, but rather is for the KDJ11-E
> CPU card, which is used in _both_ the 93 and 94. (That document is also
> mostly duplicative of the 94-MG.) Needless to say, there's a lot more to
> those systems than the CPU card, although some of it (e.g. the power
> supplies) _may_ be documented separately; I haven't checked.


But since the CPU is the same for both the 11/93 and 11/94, what else is 
in there is documented elsewhere.
Actual cabinet, power supply, box, and so on, are mostly generic DEC 
bits, which have their own manuals.

If you want to know specific, unique 11/93-94 information, it's mostly 
about the CPU module. Partly also the Unibus converter is relevant, even 
if it is the same as in the 11/84.

But yes, sometimes drawings would be nice. :-)


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