Just Moved: Clearing out sale

Steven Landon slandon110 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 21:12:11 CST 2014

I just moved into a new place,  and after moving the amount of computer 
stuff I have,  Ive decided that I need to thin the collection.

I have the following

Nice original Mac 128k with carry bag, manuals, original ssw disks, 
boxed external 1200 modem, external floppy disk drive  And Imagewriter 
I-  Everything is there except the box,  Has boxed Mac Software with it 
too,  MacTerminal, Mac Pascal. MacPaint/MacWrite. Even the original 
audio cassette tour tape.

Mac 512k-  Has Aldus Asset Tag on it #201-  Former Pagemaker Dev 
machine,  with external hard to find Hard Disk 20,  the one that 
connects to the floppy port.

Macintosh Plus-  Works but needs a keyboard & Mouse

Macintosh Classic-  Works but needs a cap job.

Make a fair offer on anything.  It needs to go

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