DELUA technical manual, VAX diagnostic

Rich Alderson RichA at
Mon Nov 17 13:05:22 CST 2014

We have a crumbling DELUA in the VAX-11/780-5 at LCM.  There is a copy of
the *User's* Manual at Bitsavers, but not the *Technical* Manual.  Does
anyone happen to have a copy lining the hamster cage floor, vel sim.?

The User's Manual refers to a diagnostic, EVDYB, which "runs under the VAX
diagnostic supervisor (VDS)."  Does anyone here have either of those things,
or pointers to them?  In the mean time, I'm going to try to get the PDP-11/70
to run CZUAD from a simulated TU58, but I'm told that getting the DELUA into
and out of the crowded Unibus backplane is an exercise in bloodletting.


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