VAXen available, pickup only from Newmarket, UK

Peter Coghlan cctech at
Tue Nov 18 09:11:13 CST 2014

>Darn, if this was in The Netherlands, I'd be picking up *everything*
>ASAP, for example THIS weekend!  Especially the VAX 7710 and 6610.
>I cannot rent a truck and make a trip to the UK :-<

Same problem here except in the opposite direction.  It's (or I'm) on the
wrong side of the Irish Sea :-(

That Alphaserver GS60e is very tempting although there may be problems
getting it around corners in the house and then there is the power issue.

There is a three phase distribution transformer in my back yard but only a
single phase supply to the house.  Even if the power supply doesn't care if
the three phases are wired together to a single phase supply, it looks like
the starting surge would be a little bit on the high side anyway :-(

Peter Coghlan.

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