5.25" SCSI Drives

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Tue Nov 18 09:40:14 CST 2014

> Subject: 5.25" SCSI Drives

> Does anyone need any of these drives? I have 18 of them that I don't need an$

5.25" 68-pin drives?  That's quite the novelty - I'm curious about
maker and model and such.  I thought 68-pin didn't show up until 5.25"
had been abandoned in favour of...3.5", I think it is?  I just measured
some and they're actually about 4" wide - perhaps 3.5" is the platter
diameter or something.  (I just measured a `5.25"' drive here and it's
almost 6" wide; IIRC the 5.25" dimension came from floppies, where
medium size instead of case size or drive size is a plausible

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