Big VAX shipping in Europe

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Tue Nov 18 10:16:15 CST 2014

> I would *love* to get my hands on the larger VAXen. It would be such
> a pity if they'd to to the scrapper... I do even have space and
> three-phase power for thembut I see no straight-forward way to ship
> them over here...

OK, I am curious. No, I am not interested in the machines (unless it
was a VAX 9000).

How much could one reasonable expect to pay for getting a big VAX,
lets say a 350 kg in the typical DEC cabinet, from mainland Europe to
Britain? Or from Britain to mainland Europe? Or even to and from

Sure, one could hire movers and riggers - pay them enough and they
will deliver a locomotive - but what about typical on-the-cheap
hobbyist methods?


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