Proof they're still in service...

Earl Baugh earl at
Tue Nov 18 13:24:21 CST 2014

The other day I was touring one of the HP support labs where they have a
LARGE collection of HW that is used for reproducing customer problems.
(I was there to see some of the new Generation 9 machines that are coming
out...)  ANYWAY, they pretty much have all of the HW that they have
support contracts for... and that generate enough questions to reserve
floor space for the HW.

Guess what still has floor space?    A DEC 7000 and Vax 6000.    Not a
PDP-7, but still enjoyed seeing them...and knowing that enough places are
still using them to cause HP to reserve floor space for them in the
lab...(proof, as always, is in the pictures :  )

Earl the Squirrel

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