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> On Nov 18, 2014, at 9:16 PM, Zane Healy wrote
> Believe it or not, it was Richard Drushel's posts about the ADAM to alt.folklore.computers on USENET, way back in '97, that got me interested in the ADAM.  It's just taken me 17 years to finally find one. :-)
> I hope to have an arcade power supply by the end of the week, so that I can start building a stand-alone PS.  Unfortunately I lack a floppy drive.  I have one DDP tape, but haven't figured out how to use it, or if anything is on it.  Unfortunately while I got a boxed system, I didn't get manuals, or the DDP tape(s) that would have normally come with an ADAM.
There are three basic types of digital data packs: self-booting super
Games, cp/m format, and "normal" directory tapes with the directory in the middle of the tape.

The system will attempt to boot a tape when you load it into the drive and pull computer reset. If it's my bootable, generally adam tapes will have files accessible either through the SmartWriter word processor, SmartBASIC, or some other application. Unlike a lot of other home computers of this vintage, BASIC isn't contained in ROM, you must load it from tape (or disk). The system originally shipped with three tapes, a blank formatted one, SmartBASIC, and Super Buck Rogers. Loading and storing files in the word processor are as simple as pressing store/get on the keyboard, and selecting the drive and operation via the function keys. Most other Adam apps work the same way. SmartBASIC is all text driven and has its own unique commands for that.

> I'm slowly making my way through trying to discover what info is available on the Internet.  So far it's been slow going, so I appreciate the answers.

Your best bet is to join the Adam mailing list at and also over on on the colecovision an Adam forums. There are lots of enthusiasts in both places.

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