Reading a CD that has no reflective layer

John Foust jfoust at
Tue Nov 18 19:12:05 CST 2014

At 06:03 PM 11/18/2014, Eric Smith wrote:
> I do not have a CM153 interface card.  The interface
>consists of three or four RS-422 pairs. At one time I
>reverse-engineered the 8051 firmware in the drive and understood the
>details of the interface quite well, but I've forgotten them and
>cannot currently locate my old notes or the service manual.

Yes, googling turned up a number of your messages from a decade
or more ago.  You still have a pile of them, but you never had 
an interface card?  As I said, there's a fellow on eBay selling 
them cheap and new-in-box for $10.

Apart from the card and the drive, there's the question of
the DOS driver software disks.  I imagine it was just an API 
and there weren't any tools at the DOS level.

You mentioned you'd never seen the SCSI CM110.  This fellow 
seems to have one.  It looks like he had connections to Eindhoven.

- John

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