Reading a CD that has no reflective layer

Peter Coghlan cctech at
Wed Nov 19 16:25:12 CST 2014

>Speaking of old Philips drives, can the weird caddies for the CM-201
>(RRD40) drives be found anywhere? Anyone have any spares they don't
>need? I have a couple of CM-201 drives and the companion SCSI
>interface boards from an InfoServer. They are useless to me without
>any caddies for them.

I've got a few caddies that seem to fit in an RRD40 but the only markings
on them are a couple of arrows, "COMPACT disc" (on each side of the outside
translucent shell) and "LABEL", "DATA" and "Made in Belgium" (on the inner
flat-spectacle-frame-like-thingy).  There is a group of four over four notches
cut out of the front edge that look like they might have some significance.

I've only just noticed now on examining one closely that on the other side
from the notches is a little slide control not unlike the write protect on
some types of magnetic media and the little arrow beside it actually looks
like a head over platter type symbol.  What's that about?

I could send you one if nothing turns up in a better location (I'm in Ireland).

Peter Coghlan.

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