mainframes and other stuff

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Thu Nov 20 13:36:40 CST 2014

Mainframes and other stuff


Recycle center in NC is willing to save out "stuff" for people.

No, no one can go in the back and scrounge.

No, he does not want a lot of emails from people.

Yes, he gets big blue and orange and beige 6 foot tall OLD mainframes in all
the time.  They squash them at the moment.

Yes, he will package small orders, and will properly palletize larger

Local pick up will be available after the new year.


So, if u can send me a picture with description and some part numbers, along
with what you want to pay, I will consolidate things and make arrangements.

Please don't ask for specific boards from DEC; they don't want to go into
that much detail.

QBUS will mean nothing to him.

Big orange cabinet that says xxxxx is much more likely to get saved.


They are moving to new warehouse 1st of the month, so all this will start
happening after the 1st of the year.


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