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Nigel Williams nw at
Thu Nov 20 15:18:24 CST 2014

Thanks Cindy for liaising with the recyclers on our collective behalf.

On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 6:36 AM, Electronics Plus <sales at> wrote:
> Big orange cabinet that says xxxxx is much more likely to get saved.

Any small system cabinets (up to waist height) that have the brand

This would trap machines like the A1, A4 A6, A7 (A-series machines
running MCP) and System 80/7E (based on the A1/A4) - the System 80 is
the IBM 360/370 compatible running OS3. There is also a nice series of
UNIX machines (6000 series) but I've never seen one. UNISYS also
re-badged the ALR 4X4 machines (quad Pentium Pro) to run MCP

Picture examples of some models can be seen at the bottom of this

For the A7 series even just getting someone nearby to pickup the
machine and pull the SCAMP cards and drives is all that is needed - it
will plug into either an ISA or EISA slot of a 486 or Pentium PC with
a SCSI controller. The drives are important since they're brand
checked by the operating system. Saving the whole machine is best as
they're a nicely packaged (largish) PC.

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