Moving Sale (SF Bay Area, USA)

Seth Morabito lists at
Fri Nov 21 00:18:50 CST 2014

Well, it's finally happened. I've bought a house west of Seattle, and
I'm going to be leaving the bay area.

First things first: I am NOT getting out of classic computers! I'm
taking a nice little core collection of microcomputers with me.  That
said, the move is going to be extremely expensive and I have a lot of
stuff that I'm just not likely to ever get around to.  Liquidating
some stuff could save me thousands of dollars. So, it's time to try to
pass it on.

Everything here is located in Fremont, California, very close to I-880
and Decoto Road. It's in a garage for very easy access. Because of the
craziness of moving, I'm very sorry to say that everything here is
pick-up only. I cannot make the time to pack and ship. If you're remote
and you'd like to get someone else who's local do some picking up for
you, of course you're more than welcome.

Anyway, I hate to do this, but it's time...

First, the non-free stuff. I'd actually like some money for these. How
much? I'll take reasonable offers. I'm not looking for eBay money.
Seriously. Make an offer, the worst that could possibly happen is that
I'll counter.

- PDP-11/35. This is my semi-infamous restoration project that
  consumed much of my 2012. I very lovingly restored the power supply,
  backplanes, chassis, and front panel. The logic is almost certainly
  beyond repair. It needs a new set of cards. This system is housed in
  a full-height rack that has seen much better days. Includes a Diablo
  Series 30 drive, ECCO paper tape reader (not punch), and a DSD 440
  8" floppy drive. I'll throw in a big huge pile of 8" floppies.

- PDP-11/53. This is a nice half-height DEC rack with a PDP-11/53 card
  set in a PDP-11/23+ chassis, plus two working RL-02 drives. Will
  include 10 RL-02 packs. This is a nice setup. It pains me more to
  get rid of this than it does the 11/35, if I'm honest. (Drive heads
  are currently parked and secured!)

Now, the cheap and/or free WORKING stuff. Just make a token offer to
help defray some moving costs and I'll be thrilled.

- MicroVAX 3800. Nice system. Used to belong to Lockheed Martin and
  once had Hubble Space Telescope pointing control software developer
  accounts on it!

- Two AlphaServer DS20e systems and 4 SCSI storage arrays. Marginally
  classic, but come on, you know you want them.

- TWO MicroVAX 3100 model 80s. Loud little beasts. Lots of small
  SCSI disks. Ideal doorstops.

- AlphaStation 200 4/233. Cute little desktop. Works great!

- Sun SPARCClassic.


- Assorted Sun keyboards / mice.

- SGI Octane. It's a perfectly nice system. No keyboard / mouse. It
  has texture RAM!

- SGI R5000 Indy. Also no keyboard or mouse, sorry. At least these SGI
  systems are PS/2.

- A C-One FPGA system. This is not technically classic, but it is
  neat. These were sold as a re-targetable FPGA system to emulate
  Commodore Amiga A500 among other systems. Had a minor following in
  the early 2000s before the project dried up.

- Heathkit H-89. Had to do some minor power supply repair to get it
  working, but it works great now. Hard-sectored floppy drive. I'll
  throw in 6 hard sectored floppies. That's all I have!

- Tandy TRS-80 Model 4.

- Tandy Color Computer 3, still in the box!

- No-name serial terminal. It's always good to have more of these,

- Sharp PC5000

- TWO DEC Rainbows (one has a bad power switch), plus monitors and

- Panasonic Sr. Partner luggable computer.

- Packard Bell 286

- 2 or 3 TI Silent 700 terminals. (I'm keeping a few, but I have an
  absurd number of these things)

- Execuport 4000 printing terminal.

- DEC LA100 printing terminal.

- 90% working blue ADM-3a terminal. Needs some slight logic repair,
  should be an easy job.

Finally, the stuff that DOES NOT WORK. I just want this gone. Please
take it. Any of these could be a fun project. If you don't take it, it
will go to WeirdStuff Warehouse where they'll do horrible things.
I especially 

- KayPro 10.

- Another MicroVAX 3800. The non-working version of the one above.

- DEC Professional 350. Dead video.

That's it. If you happen to come over and we're going through stuff
and I find something else I should get rid of, you're welcome to it!


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