HP2100A luser questions

Brent Hilpert hilpert at cs.ubc.ca
Fri Nov 21 01:10:19 CST 2014

On 2014-Nov-20, at 10:40 PM, Guy Sotomayor wrote:
>>> With the configuration I have (assume I can get 32K words of core, and have the I/O cards
>>> I listed) what can I run on it?
>> Aside from blinkenlight programs, in the not-to-distant future there should be a stand-alone version of HP BASIC available. A friend and I are working on assembling it from source. (There are probably old binaries out there somewhere but I haven't obtained one).
> I have the binary tape image for HP BASIC somewhere other than in the core of my HP2116.  The source is up on bitsavers scanned (and OCR'd) from a listing that I have had since 1971.

Indeed, that's the source we're working from (we spoke of this on the list a few weeks ago).

I've actually extracted (an almost complete) machine code / binary image from the assembly output listings you provided on bitsavers, but it's more interesting to fulfil a complete assembly from the source, so we're waiting for that before trying to load & run.

> A bunch of tape images for HP stuff is up on bitsavers (http://bitsavers.org/bits/HP/HP_1000_software_collection).  I also came into a fair number of HP paper tapes but I haven't yet had the time to check them against what's on bitsavers to see if I have anything that isn't already there.

.. always be interested to hear if there's more period 2116 software, although I'm a little limited as my 2116 currently has only 8KW memory.

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