IBM 9406-270 Install Media / Drive Recommendations?

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at
Fri Nov 21 08:45:46 CST 2014

Classic Computer Enthusiasts,

I took a chance on an IBM 9406-270:

I probably paid way too much for it, especially without drives.  The fact
that it was small enough to not require freight shipping appealed to me.
Plus that fact will make it easier to deal with once it arrives.  I realize
when all is said and done I may end up with an overpriced doorstop.

Does anyone have suitable OS/400 install media for this box I could borrow
or get a copy of?

I know I need AS/400 specific drives for this box.  Does anyone have
recommendations on the minimum number and size of drives I'd need to perform
an OS install?  I know without license keys the most I can hope for is a
base OS install that would have to be restored or reinstalled every couple
of months.

I'll also need a twinax terminal for a console, and probably a multi-port
twinax connector block since one wasn't listed in the eBay listing with the
box itself.  Is there anything else I might need to get started?


Bruceville, TX

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