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> On 11/21/14 7:21 AM, David Schmidt wrote:
> > if the scrapper teamed up with a curator, a lot of money could be
> > made, and a lot of valuable stuff could be saved from actually being
> scrapped.  Shame.
> >
> And from my dealing with scrappers for decades, as Will said, they won't
> waste their time with the small-time collectors that hang out here. If you
> aren't talking thousands of dollars, and big lots, you don't play. Anything less
> is chump change that they may put some flunky on trying to sell on eBay.
> Witness what happened with Sellam's collection for the past two years. They
> screwed around with it trying to find someone to buy the whole thing, spent
> six months with truckloads at the DeAnza flea market, then dumped the rest.
> What I'm seeing more of now is just collectors selling between each other,
> with prices slowly ratcheting up on desirable pieces, and most of the rest
> getting scrapped.

Any thing not collectable gets quickly binned. I am about to bin a set of IBM PC manuals (not sure if they are XT or AT, possibly a mix) as no one has space for them...


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