Moving Sale (SF Bay Area, USA)

Sean Caron scaron at
Fri Nov 21 11:34:11 CST 2014

Sorry, I didn't mean to spread hate of WSW; I mean, it's cool they're
trying to resell this stuff instead of just melting it down and running it
through the shredder, just from my perspective, it's cool if some of this
stuff can be redirected before it hits eBay and the retail channel... It is
a lot harder to do this in the midwest when you so much more often get
caught having to pay retail markup (or bid up an auction) plus shipping on
something you'd like, or a part you need to get a box going... Something
that was free for pickup in CA or TX or ...

I don't mean to make an economic debate of it but unfortunately (yes,
unfortunately) not all of us have beaucoup bucks :( Like any smart
collector I tried to get on this fifteen, twenty years ago back when this
stuff was prevalent and cheap but I've suffered attrition over time for
various reasons that I won't discuss... I've had some people help me out
big time since I've been back on the list and I'm forever thankful but, you
know, I'm still a collector at heart and the itch is never really
completely sated and when the call goes out, I'll always be angling to see
if I can give some stuff a good home while still being able to pay my bills.

So, no; no hate for WSW, but I guess I do want to take a stand against this
idea I've seen multiple times in another thread, that you're not a real
collector unless you have a bunch of money to throw around and cost is no
object. I like to think this is a community of preservationists and that
folks are, generally, more interested in seeing that items will go to a
good, appreciative home versus just that maximum profit is realized from
them... Not that the rich guys aren't good homes, but us working stiffs can
have just as much love to give and can be equally "qualified" in terms of
being able to maintain the equipment and appreciate it intellectually.



On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 11:58 AM, Al Kossow <aek at> wrote:

> On 11/21/14 8:18 AM, Sean Caron wrote:
>> Better than having them go to WSW
> Why do you say that? At least they have a retail space.
> Most scrappers here now are eBay only, or ship straight to China.
> Also to let people know, Excess Solutions in Milpitas just moved to
> somewhere in San Jose, the owner sold the building.

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