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The scrappers don't care what model it is, or how many boards, or if it has a tape drive.
It weighs xxx pounds, and is thus worth xxx $$ to them.
So, yes, you could conceivably pick up a $2000 gizmo for $200.

I am collecting a list of the brands and models, but so far, very few pics have been sent my way.  Even something from an ad on the internet is fine.  The scrappers are very visual, and a dark brown cabinet will yield lots of results.  Lots of switches and lights is cool, but they don't turn them on (I don't think u want them to), and the $8 sorters barely speak English, and don't know what anything is.  The more visual we can be, the better our chances.


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On 11/21/2014 6:54 AM, William Donzelli wrote:
> Hmmm....
> >From the offers I am seeing here - the scrapper is just going to
> laugh, then ignore further offers. Game over.
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> Will

My list was posted just because she asked for specifics.  I did pay this to a very basic scrapper and if you have an update, I posted my best recollection of the mass.  Please update it if you all want to make a contribution.

The list I gave covers the most likely to be found air-cooled mainframes.

I paid the price of about 2 to 3 x steel scrap for all of my data center.  It still lives on in the possession of a list member or 2.

people post 3420's for 4000 bucks.  No scrapper is going to get that.  
If he wants to admire the scrap in his warehouse till someone might pay that for it, then it will be crap by the time the buyer gets to it.

As sold by the top of the thread, Cindy suggested the person was smashing this up and wanted specifics.

Add them please.  It has been 30 years since I bought this, and I don't know what the price differential is, you seem to, so contribute it.


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