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Fri Nov 21 12:41:26 CST 2014

6000-series VAXen are not really that big or heavy. They're just a 
single 22" cabinet.

Come back when you have an 86x0 or a 9000... :-)

(Or any PDP-10 except a KS.)


On 2014-11-21 10:11, Ian S. King wrote:
> Forklift?  I generally rely on a large group of friends or a small group of
> large friends.  Two of us moved my VAX 6600.
> On Nov 21, 2014 10:01 AM, "Electronics Plus" <sales at> wrote:
>> The scrappers don't care what model it is, or how many boards, or if it
>> has a tape drive.
>> It weighs xxx pounds, and is thus worth xxx $$ to them.
>> So, yes, you could conceivably pick up a $2000 gizmo for $200.
>> I am collecting a list of the brands and models, but so far, very few pics
>> have been sent my way.  Even something from an ad on the internet is fine.
>> The scrappers are very visual, and a dark brown cabinet will yield lots of
>> results.  Lots of switches and lights is cool, but they don't turn them on
>> (I don't think u want them to), and the $8 sorters barely speak English,
>> and don't know what anything is.  The more visual we can be, the better our
>> chances.
>> Cindy
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>> On 11/21/2014 6:54 AM, William Donzelli wrote:
>>> Hmmm....
>>> >From the offers I am seeing here - the scrapper is just going to
>>> laugh, then ignore further offers. Game over.
>>> --
>>> Will
>> My list was posted just because she asked for specifics.  I did pay this
>> to a very basic scrapper and if you have an update, I posted my best
>> recollection of the mass.  Please update it if you all want to make a
>> contribution.
>> The list I gave covers the most likely to be found air-cooled mainframes.
>> I paid the price of about 2 to 3 x steel scrap for all of my data center.
>> It still lives on in the possession of a list member or 2.
>> people post 3420's for 4000 bucks.  No scrapper is going to get that.
>> If he wants to admire the scrap in his warehouse till someone might pay
>> that for it, then it will be crap by the time the buyer gets to it.
>> As sold by the top of the thread, Cindy suggested the person was smashing
>> this up and wanted specifics.
>> Add them please.  It has been 30 years since I bought this, and I don't
>> know what the price differential is, you seem to, so contribute it.
>> Jim
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