HP2100A luser questions

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Nov 21 13:02:49 CST 2014

[HP2100 core memory top connector]

> There's a chance I can come up with a connector, but won't be able to
> look until the beginning of December.
> I'll look and see what I have. I was given a box of them that were
> removed from 2116c's (same core as the 2100).

Thanks. I will look at the part numbers to see just what I need. If you have one, it would be great.

>> One major problem concerns the power switch. I don't have the key, and it's currently in the
> > 'panel lock' position. Now, I can trivially jumper the switch to enable the panel but I would
> > rather not.
> I have eleven 2100's and they all use the same key. Doesn't mean that

That's greedy :-)

> all 2100's do, but mine did.
> I can send you a key if you want.

Thanks. It's certainly worth a try before I take the lock apart and try to re-pin it. 



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