mainframes and other stuff

Ali cctalk at
Fri Nov 21 14:01:09 CST 2014

> When they sell to the mill, they will certainly do better than that.
> That is the thing many collector do not get - in order to win a
> scrapper over, you have to beat what *he* will get for the scrap, not
> what he will pay for it. And the problem is those numbers will often be
> a big mystery. It will vary greatly on a per mill, per deal, per phase
> of the moon basis.

Well to me this sounds like a no brainer. The scrapper needs to weigh items post a picture of the item with a price (say what he thinks he will get at the mill plus 15% for his troubles). Everyone is a winner (items saved from scrap and the scrapper makes good money). Anything else is a fishing expedition to see if he can get $4000 for an item a mill will pay $200 for.


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