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Fri Nov 21 15:15:55 CST 2014

On 11/21/2014 12:01 PM, Ali wrote:
>> When they sell to the mill, they will certainly do better than that.
>> That is the thing many collector do not get - in order to win a
>> scrapper over, you have to beat what *he* will get for the scrap, not
>> what he will pay for it. And the problem is those numbers will often be
>> a big mystery. It will vary greatly on a per mill, per deal, per phase
>> of the moon basis.
> Well to me this sounds like a no brainer. The scrapper needs to weigh items post a picture of the item with a price (say what he thinks he will get at the mill plus 15% for his troubles). Everyone is a winner (items saved from scrap and the scrapper makes good money). Anything else is a fishing expedition to see if he can get $4000 for an item a mill will pay $200 for.
> -Ali
It might seem like that, but the scrappers are probably getting in 40 or 
50' trailers full of stuff, so they don't have time to admire anything 
that can just be handled like any other bulk scrap.  He is probably 
paying dearly for the space he operates in, so every 4 x 5' space he 
wasted storing something so we can do the old soft shoe and low ball him 
is a lot of space he can't store crap to sort, to get the trailers empty 
for the next.

The smaller facilities I go to here are all probably 50000 sf and though 
the owners and others that can loaf go thru and pull stuff, they are all 
young enough they are looking for Ataries and not IBM mainframes.


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