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>> Sellam should have simply paid his rent instead of jerking his landlord 
>> around for month after month with missed deadlines, broken promises, a 
>> law suit etc.
>> Period.
> Maybe, just maybe, there was a whole lot more to it than that? Sellam no 
> doubt made his share of mistakes, but his former landlord and the scrap 
> dealer he contracted were absolutely in the wrong with what they did. 
> Period. That landlord thought Sellam's gear was worth huge amounts of 
> money, got greedy, and began looking for ways to take stuff for his own 
> financial gain.
I read all the stuff that Sellam posted; even with his obvious bias it still 
comes down to he should have paid the rent and not jerked the landlord 

> If everyone refused to do business with people and companies like that 
> scrapper, it would do a lot to discourage them or someone else like them 
> from attempting to take advantage of others in the future.
Right, and make sure that it all gets crushed.

Like I said, I don't get this kind of thinking, but that's just me.


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