Re; What to look for in a Model 33 Teletype - a newb's buyer's guide?

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Fri Nov 21 16:29:21 CST 2014


On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 3:57 PM, Fred Cisin <cisin at> wrote:

> Therefore, a 5160 (or any other PC with ISA bus) could be converted into a
> 20mA to RS232 converter at negligible cost.

Thanks for that info, Fred - but we're really off-track, here.. ;-)

This all relates to (what now seems to be) my inevitable future acquisition
of a Model 33 Teletype - and how to deal with issues such as making +it+
talk the RS-232 talk.

Not only do I not actually have the 33 yet, but I don't even have a
(functional) serial card for my Altair 8800. If I can figure out how to use
my existing serial card, it may be a moot point, as it seems my card might
actually support the 20mA standard. But if I end up with an RS-232 only
board, then I want to be at least semi-prepared to work with it; armed with
the knowledge & documentation, if not the hardware as well.

(I find that if I don't rush-rush everything, and plan a bit in advance -
acquiring what's required as opportunities present themselves, rather than
at the last minute, when I +NEED+ to have it - that I tend to spend a whole
lot less money, and waste a lot less.)

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