mainframes and other stuff

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Fri Nov 21 17:52:54 CST 2014

> Not all scrappers and brokers are insensitive to the preservation
> of vintage gear.

That is correct. A few actually have saved "trophies" over the years.

> Of course, they have to make money. I want them to remain in business
> and be successful. We collectors must always take that into
> consideration. Scrappers and brokers have to make money or else they
> will go away. If we as collectors want them to work with us, we have
> to make it worth their while and be rational financially for them to
> continue to work with us.

There is a certain joy one has when you get into a scrappers good
graces. Prices will come down, they will contact and hold stuff for
you, and even sometimes provide leads.

I am in good enough with one scrapper that I can go to his place when
NOBODY is there and take what I want, then just tell him what I have
taken, and we hammer out a deal.

Of course, I have blown a few relationships as well...


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