Old x86 "PC" SBCs (Toronto Microelectronics)

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 14:50:47 CST 2014

I've got this ISA card sitting around which was made by Toronto 
Microelectronics (TME), but it gives the impression that it may be a 
complete SBC in its own right; it has a 386sx for CPU, takes 30 pin simms, 
and has various connectors (IDE, floppy, 2x RS232 and parallel are obvious, 
then there are another six unlabeled connectors). IC dates are all around 

Does anyone happen to know anything about these boards - in particular, the 
purpose/pinouts for the unknown connectors, and whether they require a 
backplane to work? (Or, maybe there's a standard amongst the x86 SBC world 
for this kind of thing, I have no idea.)

I'm thinking it might make the basis a nice little serial terminal, at 
least if it has any on-board video capability - it would be quite easy to 
hide it (along with a suitable small PSU) inside a 14" CRT case.

There's a picture of one here, but I've been unable to find any info anywhere:




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