Net-boot and install OpenVMS 7.x on MicroVAX 3x00?

Peter Coghlan cctech at
Sun Nov 23 16:18:23 CST 2014

>I don't just want to boot it as a satellite node, I just want to use the
>net-boot to bootstrap an installation since I don't have a local CD-ROM on
>that machine to boot from.

If you are booting from the network, you need to be able to continue to
access the system disk after initial boot and the only supported way to do
this is as part of a cluster with the node or device serving the system disk.

>If I can get it booted as a satellite maybe there's something "unsupported"
>I can do to perform a network installation?

It's not necessary to do anything unsupported.  As Rob suggested, boot as
a satellite, copy the bits you need to a locally attached disk and then
install from that.

Peter Coghlan.

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