Yay, now I need some Osborne boot media!

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 07:14:48 CST 2014

On 11/23/2014 07:38 PM, js at cimmeri.com wrote:
>>   As things
>> sit, I don't even have a PC with a 5-1/4" drive installed, if (and that's
>> +if+) it were capable of writing discs for the Osborne format.
> If you have any serious intentions of vintage computer collecting, this is
> a must have.

Well, *some* way of writing 5.25 media from downloaded images, anyway.

40t 5.25" drives are not particularly common these days, though. Available 
for $25 or so via various channels still, it seems, but they're not kicking 
around in hardware that's destined for recycling like they once were. I see 
the odd 80t drive (once or twice a year) but of course they're useless for 
writing 40t media.



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