Yay, now I need some Osborne boot media!

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@One or two recent posters (...)

Gee whiz guys, I'm not exactly new to this game.. I've been collecting
computer stuff for 20 years and at this point have had to sell more than
I've managed to retain. Yes, there was a time when I had a 486 tower with
one-each of all the various drives - could boot it into DOS, Win or Linux
to handle all sorts of media-related tasks.. likewise, an older Mac that
ran an Apple II hardware emulator which could be used to write media for
all of the older Apple machines.

Both were networked in one way or another. IIRC the Mac had the Asante
SCSI-Ethernet adapter as the lone PDS port carried the Apple emulator. I
still have the Mac stuff somewhere, but the PC tower is long gone..

You know, times and interests change, hobbies wax & wane.. I only got back
into the vintage computing stuff a few months back when I decided it was
finally time to make that Altair work.. that I knew enough to 'bootstrap'
myself into the process, and that I could learn what was needed as I went.
As it turns out, I was correct..

So anyway, don't stress out over this stuff.. newbish as I may be at times,
I'm not exactly flying blind or going off half-cocked all the time. ;-)

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>>>   As things
>>>> sit, I don't even have a PC with a 5-1/4" drive installed, if (and
>>>> that's
>>>> +if+) it were capable of writing discs for the Osborne format.
>>> If you have any serious intentions of vintage computer collecting, this
>>> is
>>> a must have.
>> Isn't "must have" a bit strong?
>> Maybe I'm more of a vintage computer user than a collector or maybe I'm
>> just
>> not serious but a VAXstation 2000 and a BBC Micro have managed to cope
>> with
>> all of my 5-1/4" disk needs so far.  As far as I'm concerned the hobby is
>> about what can be done without resorting to a PC, not what can be done
>> with
>> one as a prerequisite or as some kind of fallback to be used for routine
>> tasks.
> ----------------
> You can also do without an oscilloscope or even a screwdriver, but they do
> make some things a lot easier; why should not using a certain common tool
> be a prerequisite of this hobby, especially when so much of it involves
> exchanging with others.
>> Now back to the regular religious war on US vs European power distribution
>> (which I have strongly held opinions on too but I don't think it's going
>> to
>> do much good to voice them, especially when each mail seem to be arriving
>> twice until the list gets back to normal...)
> ----------------
> You're probably signed up under two different email addresses; check the
> address on your incoming mail and if they're different unsub one of them.

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