Yay, now I need some Osborne boot media!

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Mon Nov 24 12:01:29 CST 2014

> > Now come to think, I do have both an original IBM PC and an XT. The PC has
> > dual 5.25" drives, the XT a single 5.25 + HDD. One of those is bound to be
> > the correct h/w format, right? What we want here is 360K physical, right?
> > It still leaves a chicken-and-egg problem, as neither of those machines
> > have any outward connectivity,

On Mon, 24 Nov 2014, Mike Stein wrote:
> No serial or parallel ports? Definitely a 'must have' ;-)

Does the XT (5160) still have the "Asynch" card that IBM shipped it with?
That is RS232 and/or 20mA

> > ... nor do I have any media with something like Laplink or an ISA
> > NE2000 driver sitting around.

> A null-modem cable is your medium... another 'must have' ;-)
I would also add the IBM Technical Reference Manual to the "must have"
list.   Information is the most important tool of all.

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