retry: classiccmp help sought

Jay West jwest at
Mon Nov 24 12:27:46 CST 2014

I sent this a week ago, didn't get a response, thought I'd try one more time
before trying to shoehorn time on my own to address (aka defying the physics
of time):


Greetings folks.


Is there anyone that is *very* well versed in mailman "under the hood" that
can do a one-time assist with the following:

1)      Get the "two views of the same list but joined at the hip" working
the way it previously was. I have some details/recollections on this, but
not complete "do this" instructions.

2)      There has been an ongoing issue for years with the "forgot password"
emails and/or the new subscriber email verification not working right.

3)      Please for the love of god figure out why every single post to the
list gets me a "bounce rejection" notice to my mailbox and stop it.

4)      Integrate multiple fragments (I have several, if that's not complete
other listmembers have mentioned they can supply any missing fragments) of
the list archives into one archive that is complete.


FYI - when rebuilding the server a couple weeks ago, I switched from
sendmail to postfix, so a passing familiarity with postfix would be helpful
as well in your endeavors above. The OS is FreeBSD r10 p11.


If anyone is versed in the above and has a bit of time to spearhead the
above tasks, please email me off-list.


Also - once the archives are cleaned up, two other folks have volunteered to
get archive searches to be "much improved".






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