TRS-80 Model 16

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Nov 24 16:21:25 CST 2014

    > From: Al Kossow

    > IBM-branded, Dysan, and 3M have held up pretty well, most of the rest
    > esp Verbatim, BASF, and Memorex, have not, and baking will not help
    > them.

Hmm. I had a number of second-hand floppies with what looked like it might be
interesting stuff on them; I was planning on reading them, seeing if it was
worth uploading, and then re-using the floppies.

Unfortunately, dipping into one box of them, there are a lot of Verbatim and
Memorex in there. Am I wasting my time even trying to read them to get the
bits off, or what?

Also, other brands I see that weren't listed above - Maxell and HP. Good/bad?


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