TRS-80 Model 16

David Schmidt david at
Mon Nov 24 19:42:44 CST 2014

On 11/24/2014 5:21 PM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
> [...]
> Unfortunately, dipping into one box of them, there are a lot of Verbatim and
> Memorex in there. Am I wasting my time even trying to read them to get the
> bits off, or what?

Inspect them visually.  Spin the cookie carefully.  Do they look moldy, 
splotchy, or otherwise crufty through the oval access hole?  If so, 
don't bother.  Or slice open the jacket (I use a paper cutter to shear 
off a folded edge), clean the cookie, and insert it into a clean jacket 
(if you have another).  But if it looks ok, stick it in the drive, close 
the door, and listen carefully.  Does it sound horrible and scratchy? 
Like sandpaper?  Take it back out.  It might already be too late, but 
it's not hard to clean the head.  If things sound smooth or at least 
fairly smooth, you probably made it though the ages.

Memorex and Control Data (5-1/4") are my all-time least favorites...

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